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Twitter to introduce new ‘Mute’ option


Twitter is testing a new “mute” feature which would allow its users to hide tweets from people without un-following them.

Some of those who use Twitter are now seeing a new option that will allow them to mute those who they follow. This simply takes that person’s tweets away from your timeline until the user manually un-mutes them, according to The Verge.

The new feature will make it possible for users to “unfollow” without any confrontation from the other user. Essentially, it is made for those who are forced to follow people for professional and social reasons, but do not care to read what they tweet daily. It can also be used to hide spoilers for TV shows and movies.

We all have that one person on our feed who we can’t unfollow for whatever reason, but their tweets are so annoying that you can’t stand to read them any longer. According to PCMag.com, the “mute” feature will make it possible to ignore those pressures.

The feature will not block any direct messages, tagging or notifications.

A Twitter spokeswoman did not comment on whether the rumor on the new “mute” option was true or not.

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