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Babar Awan, Zamurd Khan may join PTI tonight

File Photo: Babar Awan (L) and Zamurd Khan (R)

File Photo: Babar Awan (L) and Zamurd Khan (R)

By Haris Kaleem

ISLAMABAD: The junoon of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is likely to get a new thrill tonight as the two former stalwarts of Pakistan People’s Party are about to join their party.

According to a source, among the senior PPP leaders joining the PTI, included former law minister Babar Awan and senior PPP leader and former Managing Director Pakistan Baitul Mal Zamurd Khan.

Imran Khan is scheduled to address the participants of the sit-in at about 2100 hours and he is likely to announce the joining of the party.

Earlier on Sunday, Imran Khan  announced that two big names of Pakistani politics would join his party tonight.

“Two reputable persons will announce their joining of PTI tonight,” Khan said while addressing the participants of the sit-in.

In the recent past, Babar Awan had met the senior leadership of the PTI and had been supporting the long march and sit-in of the opposition party in the television talk shows as well as social media.

Babar Awan had been removed from all posts of the PPP including the finance secretary and the senior vice president. After losing the said posts, Awan was not allowed to attend the meetings of the party’s Central Executive Committee.

Awan’s differences with the party leadership started after his refusal to appear before the Supreme Court of Pakistan to testify in the contempt of court hearing against the then Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani.

Aitzaz Ahsan, Gilani’s lawyer, had asked the court to summon three key witnesses in the case – including Awan and two high-ranking bureaucrats but Awan refused to do so weakening Gilani’s case.



  1. Great addition to PTI. At least Babar Awan, known vocal politican, would effectively defend the PTI policies on TV channles. Zamurd is known for his social works as he transformed PBM into a good org

  2. Did they contributed something in PPP. So what the hopes PTI people should pin on them

  3. wait a little more. many more politicians are going to join PTI. Har koi naya pakistan dekhna chahta hay. PTI Zindabad

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